Safety Precautions



These strategies, pulled from our SBD experience and from expert resources like the World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control, are actions YOU CAN TAKE in these uncertain times.

1. Wash Your Hands and Face.
Experts agree this simple, common action is the KEY to disease prevention. Use hot water, antibacterial soap, and wash them for 20 seconds at a minimum. Find a song to sing that’s about 20 seconds long to make sure that you are washing enough. Wash ALL of your hands- and wash your face, too. (Yes, sanitize works fine – apply the same approach.)

2. Maintain Social Distance.
In many cultures tradition dictates that a greeting include a handshake or kiss. This is the time to expand your greeting horizons. Other options include a hand over your heart with a slight nod, a bow with your hands together in front of your sternum, or a simple “Hello”.

3. Avoid Population-Dense Areas and Events When Possible.
Research suggests virus transmission is more likely when people are within 1 meter. When you’re in public, maintain a safe space around you. Do public business during off hours when possible.


TLC Security ~ “You Can Feel SAFE with US”
We are an Essential Security Service.

Our office is CLOSED but our techs are out for emergency services.


As an essential emergency security service, we service many medical facilities, hospitals, industrial plants, schools, nursing homes, funeral homes, town offices, businesses & residential homes each week. Precautions are currently in high gear for us all. Please inform us before a scheduled appointment of any changes we may need to aware of regarding these changing situations and we will make all necessary arrangements or reschedule as needed.
People may not pay attention to the amount of times they touch a door knob, leverset or keypad daily, but we are definitely aware & cautious. We must clean everything before during and after each job. We do try to teach the importance of this to each customer.
Please use caution & common sense in your daily activities during this national health crisis. Together, we can help each other through this.
We recognize this is a challenging time for all, and we appreciate your attention. Please reach out to any of us anytime with any questions, concerns or comments.

On behalf of our entire team, thank you for your trust and confidence.

Thank you.